Dallas Cowboys Offseason 2018

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    • Pat Barnes schrieb:

      Das tut schon weh. Auch weil es so plötzlich kommt. So richtig verstehen kann ich es noch immer nicht.

      Bin mal gespannt ob wir noch einen TE holen. Aktuell haben wir da eigentlich nur Schultz und Gathers.

      Naja julios thomas wäre auf den markt, ebenso antonio gates. Vorallem antonio gates würde euch gleich weiterhelfen mit seiner routine!
    • Pat Barnes schrieb:

      Das tut schon weh. Auch weil es so plötzlich kommt. So richtig verstehen kann ich es noch immer nicht.

      Bin mal gespannt ob wir noch einen TE holen. Aktuell haben wir da eigentlich nur Schultz und Gathers.
      Blake Jarwin wurde letztes Jahr aufs Roster geholt, damit die Eagles ihn nicht von der PS klauen. Von daher scheint man ihm größeres zu sehen.

      Thank you, Jason! Und für die Nicht-Cowboy-Fans wird es langsam schwer einem Cowboy an Gameday auszuweichen :p
      "If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention" - Heather Heyer (1985-2017)
    • Barnidge eventuell eine Option?

      Für mich bis heute unverständlich, daß noch kein Team diesen grundsoliden TE für (eventuell kleines Geld) verpflichtet hat.

      Gerade in der aktuellen Cowboys - Situation wäre das eine mMn perfekte Lösung
      -Joe Banner: “Since Mike Lombardi and I are Moe and Larry, we set out to find Curly."
      (J.Banner at the press conference regarding the endless coach search)

      -Funny, so many Browns fans still clamor for the "safe pick" ignoring that all we've done for 15 years is the "safe pick".

      "And when that turnaround happens, wherever I am, I will smile – more than a little bittersweetly – and say, to myself, “Go Browns!”
      Sashi Brown. A Cleveland Brown,bleeding brown an orange.
    • Am 5. November spielen die Dallas Cowboys gegen die Tennessee Titans. Monday Night Football. Jason Witten (College: Tennessee) co-kommentiert bei ESPN.

      "If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention" - Heather Heyer (1985-2017)
    • 2003:
      - Die Concorde stellt ihren Flugbetrieb ein
      - Der letzte Old Style Käfer von Volkswagen rollt vom Band in Mexiko
      - im Kino läuft 'Findet Nemo'
      - Arnold Schwarzenegger wird Gouverneur in Kalifornien
      - "Bring Me To Life" von Evanescence wird zum Welthit
      - Die Dallas Cowboys spielen im Season-Opener zum letzten Mal ein Spiel ohne Jason Witten.

      "If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention" - Heather Heyer (1985-2017)
    • Hut ab für eine eindrucksvolle Karriere.

      Einer der wenigen Cowboys Spieler (nicht böse gemeint), den ich ehrlich gesagt mochte.

      Es stinkt mir heute immer noch, dass die Eagles statt Jason einen TE namens LJ Smith gedraftet hatten.

      Mal sehn, vielleicht entpuppt sich ja Dallas (Philly) Goedert als ein 2. Witten bei uns.
    • Ja ich bin auch sehr traurig... Habe ich doch alle Spiele von Jason gesehen und kann mir die Boys ohne kaum noch vorstellen.
      Ich verstehe aber den Move voll und ganz, weil die Chance mit MNF zu gut war um abzulehnen...
      Ein gutes hat das ja -> Die Monday Nights haben endlich wieder einen Cowboy im Booth.
      Ich denke den letzten Cowboy Don Meredith haben wohl hier noch nicht so viele an Montagen erlebt.
      FF World Champion (2017, 2013, 2012)

      Record: 5 Time NFL-Talk Fantasy Football Champion

    • An open letter to Jason Witten from his Cowboys teammates schrieb:

      To 82,

      We have two words: Thank you.

      Thank you for setting the standard for us. Thank you for showing us the right way to go about it. Thank you for the incredible impact you made in football, but maybe more important in our lives. Thank you for being our conscience in tough times.

      When we all came into the NFL we were looking for guidance. You were that guy. You had done it. You had breathed it. You had lived it. But what made it special is you gave us all you got.

      On the field, you were there every day. We know you were hurting sometimes. Maybe a lot of times. And you showed us what being dependable was all about.
      As a leader, you made sure not only to tell us, but show us. You molded us in a way to where we had to live to your standard.

      We remember the first pat-and-go you did with Dak where the pass was just a little off and you didn’t extend your arms. You just kept on going. Dak realized right there in the NFL a couple of inches off makes the difference in winning and losing.

      We saw you on the final day of camp in 2015 in a 7-on-7 drill. A lot of us were probably ready to get home from Oxnard, but you laid out for a pass from Tony Romo as if it was a Super Bowl. That showed us that there’s meaning in every practice, and to survive in this league, you have to act like the game could be taken away from you at any minute.
      We celebrated in the end zone with you. There was nothing better. You punched us so hard we thought we were losing our breath. We’ll keep those memories with us forever.

      We’ll also remember the pain. Not just the physical pain with the lacerated spleen, the sprained ligaments or the broken jaw. But we remember the emotional pain. The time in the locker after losing to Green Bay in the 2016 playoffs. We gave our hearts that day. None more than you.

      We felt your pain because we know how much a championship meant to you and we wanted so badly to win one, not just for us, but for you. We will always carry that regret that we didn’t do enough for you to have that trophy in your hands.

      But that pain will not be our lasting memory. We will remember the times you held court at the head of the table on those training camp nights, telling us story after story. You had us rolling. We will remember those speeches you gave us. Because of you, we know the secret is in the dirt.

      This has been a strange week for us. We kept waiting to see your car in the front of the parking lot. We kept waiting to see you in the locker room or the weight room. We kept looking over to our left in the team meeting room and didn’t see you there.

      We know these past few days have been difficult, but just know you will be with us as we look to bring a Super Bowl back to this franchise.
      That’s our pledge to you.

      Sean Lee, Zack Martin, Dak Prescott, Tyrone Crawford, Ezekiel Elliott, Tyron Smith, Travis Frederick, DeMarcus Lawrence, Jeff Heath, Cole Beasley, Dan Bailey and Byron Jones
      "If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention" - Heather Heyer (1985-2017)
    • "It's hard to describe how special Jason Witten is," said Romo. "Sometimes in life you are lucky to come across someone that will change your life. Most of the time you don't realize it last the moment the profound impact and impression someone will have on you. The difference with Jason Witten is that I knew right away the impact he would have on me.
      "Not only was Jason the most talented, humble and hardest working individual on the football team, but he was also one of the most genuine, good-hearted people you could ever meet. Some things that are etched in my memory are the workouts in the off-season during our younger years. Jason wouldn't give an inch. He had to work the hardest. It was just inside him to give maximum effort every single day.

      "When we were young, I remember him running the two-hundred yard shuttles, the four-hundred yard shuttles and willing himself to the finish line every day. Jason has an insatiable desire to win and no matter how he felt day in and day out, he was going to finish and win. If I were a betting man then, I would bet he never lost one of those races. Not one. The fastest player didn't always win those races but it was all will. Nobody had a stronger will than 82.
      "Because of that effort, nobody in that facility was allowed to give half-effort when your two-hundred-and-sixty pound leader was beating everyone to the finish line. He just couldn't accept someone having an edge on him. He had to succeed. He had to win. He couldn't stand it if a defensive back ever felt like he got the best of 82 that day. He wanted that DB to know he was in for a long practice or game guarding him.

      "He couldn't accept being average. I will also remember him coming to the sidelines trying to be respectful of how tough the quarterback's job was during the games but sometimes he just couldn't control himself. He would say things like 'Hey 9, I know we ain't got much time back there, but I got HQ freaking Harris guarding me. I'm getting open pretty quick now. Don't be afraid to take a peek if you get time'. That was code for Jason saying 'I'm wide open and I have a bum one me, if you haven't noticed'.

      "And sure enough every time I watched the tape, he was always right. During big moments in my career, the first guy I was looking for was Jason Witten. I knew where he would be and I knew he would get open and not once, not once did I ever go to him late in the game on a key down when he was one-on-one and him not deliver. He always came through. In the playoffs in 2014, it was fourth down against the Lions in the fourth quarter. Needing a touchdown to take the lead and being our last drive of the game, we called timeout. As I stood on the sideline deciding what play we wanted to call in the most pressure-packed moment of our season, my brain wanted to call Y-option.

      "The problem was the Lions had double-teamed Jason most of the day and especially on key downs and distances. Nothing would be more key than this. On the sideline, the coaches and I decided we would call two plays to ensure we got a good call. The problem was as I stood at the line of scrimmage that the Lions changed the defense from what they used all game. Without knowing for sure what they would be in, I changed both plays and went to 'Tennessee, Tennessee'.

      "You see, I didn't know what the perfect play was versus their coverage, but I did know the perfect player. Jason made a move that was rare but brought him wide open. Any high school QB could have delivered that ball. The secret to the play was trusting the best player to be the best player -- and he was. Jason, you have set the standard for every player and coach who walks through the Cowboys' facility that there's one way to play and there's one way to practice. And guess what, you can be a great teammate and husband and father while do it.

      "To the best player I ever played with."
      "If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention" - Heather Heyer (1985-2017)
    • aikman schrieb:

      Sollte bis zum Saisonstart klappen, aber ist natürlich für die Vorbereitung dennoch ärgerlich.
      Ja da hast du natürlich recht. Alles andere als optimal, dass er die komplette Vorbereitung fehlen wird.
      Hoffe immer noch, dass man sich jetzt noch mit Terrell McClain einigt und wird damit die nötige Tiefe auf der DT Position bekommen.
    • AotearoA schrieb:

      Terrell McClain hat sich leider für die Falcons entschieden.
      Sehr schade. Haben wahrscheinlich mehr Kohle geboten.

      Für mich ist folgende Nachricht jetzt auch wichtiger:

      Jaylon Smith dauerhaft ohne Schiene

      Er sagt er ist jetzt bald bei 100%.
      Meine Güte was freue ich mich für den Jungen. Wenn er weiter solche Fortschritte wie zum Ende der Saison macht, haben wir auf der LB Position mit Smith, Lee und Vander Esch eine richtig starke Truppe.

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    • Randy Gregory wird morgen seinen Antrag auf Wiederaufnahme bei Goodell einreichen, berichtet Rapoport in Bezug auf ungenannte Quellen:

      Ian Rapoport schrieb:

      #Cowboys suspended DE Randy Gregory, who recently spent more than 6 weeks in intensive drug and alcohol rehab in addition to counseling, will submit his application for reinstatement to the @NFL tomorrow, sources say. 60 days from now is mid-July — right before training camp.
      "If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention" - Heather Heyer (1985-2017)
    • https://sportsday.dallasnews.com/dallas-cowboys/cowboys/2018/05/21/what-dallas-cowboys-cap-space-looks-like-now-deals-draft-picks-finalized schrieb:

      Gallup's signing leaves the Cowboys with just under $9 million in salary cap space. The club will add another $3 million to that total in less than two weeks since it designated cornerback Orlando Scandrick as a post June 1 cut.
      Für einen DT, Safety oder WR ist also noch ein bisschen Geld zur Verfügung.
      "If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention" - Heather Heyer (1985-2017)
    • Martin setzt die aktuellen OTA's aus - Vertragspoker. Ansonsten fehlen T-Williams und Maliek Collins verletzungsbedingt, sowie Irving (arbeitet daran wieder in Form zu kommen) und Sean Lee, bei dem man schon in den letzten Jahren die Einheiten minimiert hat.
      "If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention" - Heather Heyer (1985-2017)
    • Nachdem das Video der Verhaftung von Terrance Williams veröffentlicht wurde kann man konstatieren, dass seine per Anwalt veröffentlichte Erklärung nicht mal ansatzweise mit dem zusammenpasst, was er den Polizeibeamten erzählt hat.