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    • John Parry Q&A: On Officiating Super Bowl LIII, Pass Interference Replay and More

      Mit Parry wechselt ein weiterer Referee vom Feld in die Kommentatoren-Box. Wieder einer der besseren seines Fachs, und man darf sich so langsam die Frage stellen, ob dieser Exodus sich nicht auf die Leistungen auf dem Feld auswirkt.
      JJ: So that leads me to this. You’re the second consecutive Super Bowl referee to leave. We’ve seen seven refs retire in the past two seasons. Are we on the verge of an officiating recession or worse? It’s difficult not to look at this and think there’s trouble ahead.

      JP: That’s a good question and I can’t speak on the others. To answer your question, I do believe if you went back, the world of officiating today, specifically in the NFL, is starting to show that potentially our recruiting, training, retention of officials, maybe there’s a culture there that we have to look at. It’s difficult to get people into officiating to begin with. I have a 16-year-old son who thinks he wants to do it, and after a couple of football games—I was there—the words that come out of parents’ mouths are crazy. The road to becoming an NFL official needs looked at. We’re moving people into the NFL system too quickly. I had 18 years of experience before I came into the NFL. We have people this year who are getting hired with five, six, seven years total. You can’t be prepared to work in this league with that amount of time on the football field. It’s a systemic issue and it starts at the grassroots level and it does filter all the way up to the league to try to find the right men and women to officiate at this level.
      "If Football doesn't work out behind the center, he is gonna be one heck of a football coach.
      And I wouldn't want to play against his team!"
      Jon Gruden on Kellen Moore - QB Camp 2012
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